The Helping Hand Group Takes the Art of Giving to New Heights

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Helping Hand Group has developed an unrivalled reputation for providing quality and service

Helping Hand Group is a provider for charity auctioneering services in Australia. It was established in 1997. With over 500 auctions per annum both in Australia and international cities such as Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore and Bangkok. Helping Hand Group has operated auctions in 17 Countries and has affiliations with 9 offices across 6 Countries.


If you need to raise funds, you need to study them, respect them, and build everything you do around them.

Helping Hand Group is known for its quality and service as they provide various action options which includes live auctions, Ballot Bidding ®, electronic auctions, Last Donors Standing and traditional silent auctions.  Helping Hand Group sources exclusive holiday experiences around the world, with 20 years of experience, Helping Hand Group is well versed with charity auctions.

With 20 years of experience, Helping Hand Group helps raise money for leading charities by providing Holidays, Experiences, Jewelry, and Memorabilia, as well as original artworks and signed limited editions prints and fine wines.


Did you know? Since the establishment of Helping Hand Group, they have raised and donated over USD85,000,000 to various leading charities, community groups, schools, and sporting clubs.


Fundraisers are the catalysts of change

Helping Hand Group operates one of the most technologically advanced electronic Silent Auction systems in the world! It features in over 1,500 events per annum in the Northern Hemisphere, and clients love using the system as by placing the link on their Social Media/websites, they can get bidding activity from anywhere in the world – even from those who are not attending their event.

There is a demonstration auction set up, to have a look at the functionality:


What are the benefits to a fundraising partnership with Helping Hand Group?

Below shows the benefits of partnering with Helping Hand Group:

  1. No cost for services: pre-event, at the event and post-event, staffing, logistics, printing, electronic auctions, design, professional auctioneers, Emcee’s, payment collections, and framing.
  2. Superb range of unique and interesting auction items: all on consignment. Covering desirable and luxurious products such as holidays, exclusive experiences, jeweler, art, memorabilia, wine and more. We can also tailor specific auction items for your event
  3. Expertise in various auction formats: Ballot Bidding®, Traditional Silent auctions, Live auctions and electronic Silent Auction
  4. Donation of Holidays and other items to the value of USD10,000+ to your event
  5. Table Purchases: to boost guest numbers, Helping Hand Group can invite philanthropists to come as guests, and spend in the auction/s
  6. Sponsorship: including program advertising purchase and/or cash sponsorship
  7. Experienced and Friendly Staff: Helping Hand Group can supply up to 15 staff for your event, handling all aspects of auction services and even event management – all free of charge!


For further information, drop an email to or call +61 2 8338 8755




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