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We all know someone who has needed to take extended time off work due to an injury or sickness

  • What would you live off?
  • What would happen to the business?
  • How long would your savings last?
  • Who would pay the home loan?


Ryan Austen and Julie Tasker are the sole proprietors of the company Ruby Advice

They have both been involved in the financial planning industry for the past decade, running an effective Practice Management Consultancy prompting both boutique Financial Planning firms and Licensees on the best practice for innovation. Hence, they saw a chance to use the quickly developing Financial Technology industry to assemble an Online Financial Advice Firm Ruby Advice.


What is the personalized difference with Ruby Advice?

Ryan and Julie additionally believe that the insurance business ought to accomplish more, to address the issue of under-insurance in Australia. Today, the financial advice industry is years behind in a variety of areas that is driving up the cost of providing advice. Ruby Advice does not believe that that these inefficiencies should be passed on to consumers


  • The Power of Digital Advice is that it permits efficient procedures and communication whilst never dismissing the Human component to giving advice.
  • Ruby Advice utilize innovation to build relationships, and it empowers the company to put together the most appropriate strategy for the customers’ objectives.
  • As with all good financial advisers, Ruby Advice prides itself on being there to help the customer at claim time.


Ruby Advice utilizes various technologies to execute this approach, for instance:

  • The team at Ruby Advice has coordinated their CRM “Xplan” and quoting tool into their website. This will empower customers to interact with the company at a time that suits them without the pressures of taking time off work to go to attend meetings in person.
  • Ruby Advice uses Suitebox technology that allows the team to participate in video conferences with their customers, share and discuss strategies, obtain electronic signatures and record meetings, which is all incredible for streamlining their compliance. This can be done without the customer expecting to download any special software.
  • Ruby Advice also utilizes Trulioo for their anti-money laundering obligations. This innovation is a huge time saver for the business and the customers. It also empowers the business to identify customers with better precision, regardless of interfacing remotely.


Ruby Advice leads a full examination of the customer’s needs to set up a Personal Protection Plan that considers:

  • Income Protection
  • Life Insurance
  • Total and Permanent Disability
  • Trauma Insurance
  • Children’s Cover
  • Business Expenses Insurance and Succession Planning needs
  • Tax and Estate Planning Implications
  • Policy Ownership Structure
  • Insurance through Super


Ruby Advice is a committed Wealth Protection Specialist across Australia

More than just a comparison site, their focus is on giving the right advice to ensure customers are protected using the right strategies and structures. Ruby Advice is not aligned to or tied to any insurance company. This means that they are free to recommend the covers that are truly in the client’s best interest.


Protect what matters most

Reach out to Ruby Advice anytime and they’ll happily answer your questions. For a quick and effective service, customers can complete an online enquiry form on their website. You can also book a virtual appointment with them for an even better approach. Experience it all!





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