Richard Branson: Stepping into Success is like Taking the Stairs

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All in all, entrepreneurs have gotten more knowledgeable over the years, but…

Today’s media promote ‘rapid’ success stories that can often mislead people. However, in the corporate world, ‘’taking the stairs’’ is Richard Branson’s most focused section of the elevator pitch.



Branson acknowledges the fact that he is a huge fan of the elevator pitch, but, what he also thinks is that it’s important to take the stairs –  figuratively 

The charismatic Virgin founder believes that taking the stairs at your convenience is an awesome way to exercise. Particularly, when you know that you’re working all the time. Essentially, every entrepreneur is undoubtedly taking the stairs in everyday career life. It’s not just the physical aspect of taking the stairs that only appears to be important. The crucial thing to consider is that entrepreneurship takes time. It’s more of a gradual climb up the corporate ladder, with inevitable letdowns and hindrances along the way. In a nutshell, very few entrepreneurs can take the elevator to immediate success.


The wise thing to do is to opt for a slower and consistent route…

When entrepreneurs opt for taking a slower route, their developments stay consistent. When it comes to getting to the top, Branson advises entrepreneurs to learn from experience and take time learning it, as opposed to being at the top but lacking the experience. In a nutshell, this particular route is not as slow as you would think. It’s the ultimate route for absorbing information in the form of learning experiences.

Realistically, experiences, failures and lessons are part of the “taking the stairs’’ concept. Taking the stairs is not just great exercise that any entrepreneur can squeeze into their working schedules for. However, entrepreneurs can see this as a motivating concept that Branson emphasized as important.


Don’t skip the stairs next time!

Push yourself every day to do a little bit more and use the stairs one step at a time…



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