Women’s Entrepreneurship: A Devotion to Self Change

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Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, a yearly event held on November 18th was established by the United Nations

In any case, when you read the words “Women’s,” what would you envision? The CEO of a tech fashion startup, demonstrating various skills in the office room in New York City? A budding lifestyle entrepreneur, establishing a food blog from the solace of her own home? Or what about a woman working in an NGO organization?

Our thoughts regarding women entrepreneurs have been shaped by glinting models of achievement, from Oprah Winfrey to Sara Blakely, the Founder of Spanx. These clever agents are most likely deserving of our time and consideration, and have beat colossal chances to get to where they are today. In any case, shouldn’t something be said about cases of women’s entrepreneurship that exist on a littler scale?

Today, 45 million Americans live beneath the poverty streak – a number that lopsidedly affects women. Women are 35% more inclined to live in poverty than men, and regardless of having preferred instructive accreditation’s over ever, they remain over-represented in low-wage occupations.


Be that as it may, depend on it: poverty and entrepreneurship are not totally that distinct. Not by far


Let’s acknowledge it: these last two women aren’t what you were imagining

Katy isn’t the CEO of a tech fashion startup, a budding lifestyle entrepreneur, or an NGO oriented entrepreneur. Her story is more complex than that. Katy urgently needs an occupation to enhance her conditions, yet without customary access to a PC, she has no real way to store her resume and cover letters keeping in mind the end goal to apply for employments on the web.


The Same Sky Foundation is one of Francine Lefrak’s extraordinary projects. Francine’s foundation has given Katy the chance to purchase a convenient USB drive that now permits her to spare duplicates of her resume and cover letters, alongside other imperative records. Although this one apparatus hasn’t tackled every one of Katy’s issues, it has offered her a genuinely necessary stride forward on her way to business. What’s more, for Katy, work will be the distinction between a brilliant future and a dreary one.




At that point there’s Dominique. Bashful and mild-mannered, Dominique doesn’t appear like a person who’d be acquainted with a correctional facility cell. In any case, she is. Upon her discharge from prison, Dominique started to modify her life while acquiring cash making adornments for Same Sky, which offers work to women needing renewed opportunities. With structure, a steady workplace, and normal salary, Dominique began to flourish. She has since been elevated to chief, and has started taking business courses. Dominique now has dreams of opening her own craft exhibition, and has as of now began creating solid strategies for success.


To Francine, Katy and Dominique exemplify the best characteristics of women’s entrepreneurship: a devotion to self-change; a supported yearning to succeed; and the trust that one day, with enough diligent work, they, as well, will beat the chances.


Katy and Dominique likewise advise Francine that together, they can extend their comprehension of what makes a visionary entrepreneur. Be that as it may, it begins with our individual ranges of prominence.


Here are a few moves you can make to emancipate women, and bolster their longing to wind up as entrepreneurs.


  • Loan your time or assets to smaller scale financing foundations like Grameen America, where miniaturized scale credits have an immediate and quantifiable effect on ladies living in neediness.
  • Guide a female associate, or join a system that will interface you with a lady who could profit by your mentorship.
  • Bolster women-owned organizations and new businesses. Utilize your acquiring energy to purchase products from organizations operated by women, or organizations that provide support for them.
  • Begin a temporary job program at your organization that offers chances to ladies from underprivileged foundations.



Featured Image Credit: Innovation Warehouse 

Image Credit: Same Sky 



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