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How five entrepreneurs transformed their innovative ideas into profits 

For New York Fashion Week, here’s a glance at a few fashion-driven entrepreneurs who have prevailed with regards to making advances in an industry known for its freedom of style as well as for its insularity and eccentrics.


Adam Bernhard



Image Credit: Melly Lee Photography Blog 


Los Angeles

Business: Online test deals

Initiated: 2007

Representatives: 176

Anticipated 2010 income: More than $100 million

HauteLook is one of a developing number of test deal site locations, anticipated to produce $8 billion in the following five years. With many contenders springing up, Bernhard chose that as opposed to stock arrangement, he would offer deals for the benefit of the brands, in return for a 30 percent cut of their benefits. As of March, HauteLook started turning its very own benefit.


Tip: Create and acquire another specialty and differentiate yourself from the followers. At whatever time, there is an emotional move in the way business is being directed, there is always opportunity. . .



Susan Gregg-Koger



Image Credit: ModCloth


San Francisco

Business: Online vintage-fashion boutique

Initiated: 2002

Representatives: 150

Anticipated 2010 income: More than $20 million

Susan Gregg-Koger began ModCloth as a response to a wardrobe being overwhelmed with stand-out vintage shoes and dresses. By 2006, the online boutique for vintage and vintage motivated designs could pull in a remarkable 60,000 guests a month, and Gregg-Koger was prepared to take ModCloth to the following level. She bootstrapped the financing and searched out designers to make unique vintage-roused accumulations, and has now been considered as a “social business”. ModCloth’s new “Be the Buyer” program gives clients a chance to choose the styles that go into creation.


Tip: Leverage online networking to get clients included and welcome them to let you know what they need. Look at it in this way, if you have a Facebook account, and your friends do as well, your business ought to.



Jenn Hyman and Jenny Fliess



Image Credit: Beyond Success 

Rent the Runway

New York City

Business: Haute-couture uncommon event rentals

Initiated: 2009

Representatives: 30


For the young and hip twenty-year-olds Jenn Hyman and Jenny Fliess, the planning couldn’t be better for their online boutique that gives trying fashionistas a chance to rent designer gowns for unique events. While propelling a business amid the retreat may appear like a dangerous recommendation to a few, Hyman and Fliess felt that it was the ideal time to get into the matter of leasing extravagance attire. Since less than a year ago, Rent the Runway has developed to more than 450,000 clients.


Tip: Test the market to demonstrate your idea



Simone Gonzalez



Image Credit: Vimeo

Pleasure Doing Business

Los Angeles

Business: Independent fashion brand

Initiated: 2009

Representatives: 16

Simone Gonzalez was strolling through the Los Angeles garment region searching for motivation. What she found was a thick versatile material “that would turn into her predetermination.” She played around with the textures until she had designed them into a straightforward, zipperless tube skirt. Since propelling her cutting edge young lady, rock and roll motivated line, Pleasure Doing Business, in 2009, the small elasticized skirts have been worn by celebrities, for instance, Heidi Klum and Rihanna, and brought forth five collections into her business. Gonzalez says it’s the “ultra-smaller than expected” skirt that put her image on a more public wavelength and keeps on being her smash hit.


Tip: Don’t be hesitant to take after your dream and go for a whim.



Madeline Passarelli



Image Credit: CBS Detroit 

Wear Today Gone Tomorrow

New York City

Business: Luxury clothing and extras rental

Initiated: 2009

Madeline Passarelli grew up in the background of her dad’s clothing business and has no fantasies about the diligent work behind the allure of design. She additionally knows she can’t do it all, so she outsources assignments, for example, IT, quality control and cleaning. Fashionistas agree to a free enrollment to access Wear Today Gone Tomorrow’s stock of creator outfits, coats and tops. Wear Today Gone Tomorrow’s strength? Bright pieces with a wow factor. Standardized sizing helps customers comprehend changing size crosswise over planners. On the off chance that they happen to go gaga for what they lease, customers can get it for up to 80 percent off the retail cost.


Tip: Don’t be shy to ask for help when you need it.



Featured Image Credit: The Business of Fashion 

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