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Demonstrate your entrepreneurial skills with time

Is your business under a new possession? These visionary entrepreneurs who purchased existing businesses and integrated their ‘new business‘ approach have shared how they made upgrades while keeping followers upbeat.


1. Kick starting an Old-eatery Business: ‘Drive-In’

Contextual Analysis: Chris Baggott, new business owner of The Mug, Greenfield, Ind.

The software entrepreneur turned farmer Chris Baggott is the new owner of Greenfield’s Mug. Baggott’s purchase of the business began with Tyner Pond Farm, where they would distribute grass-fed beef, pork, chicken and various meats to their community. The idea with The Mug derived from the concept of needing a food outlet that would utilize the best farm grown produce and put them into good use – a tasty piece of meat sandwich.

Baggott was moved by the vision of creating a tasty product to a place where they caught the legacy of an Indiana drive-in, yet with a cutting-edge ranch to-control turn and formulas that are both commonplace and exceptional.

To approach this new business, Baggott felt the need to sentimentalize the place and win the hearts of the drive-in loyalists. It was important to maintain a positive vibe within the community. The old eatery had a Facebook page, so Baggott clarified what his intentions were and why. The regard from The Mug’s fans converted into engagement.



Image Credit: Indianapolis Star 


2. Keeping the ‘Convenience store’ business alive

Contextual analysis: Jeff Barney, new business owner/gourmet specialist of Saxapahaw General Store, Saxapahaw, N.C.

Jeff Barney, the new business owner of Saxapahaw General Store found that the draw of customers was performing exceptionally well.  A prominent convenience store that served food from locally produced resources was a good home run.

His vision derived from a simple concept of using the store’s strategic location blended with good quality staple goods – has a communal duty. In addition to its growing business, there’s a school nearby, where they serve lunch, charging a negligible sum with respect to the high caliber of sustenance.  In this business, Jeff believes that a trusted nourishment is key to any advancement in the food business, and that farmers are the foundation of the economy.

The changes that’s been incorporated by Jeff was steady – initially it was a formal breakfast, which developed into lunch, which then developed into supper. At that point his business began to roll out improvements in light of people’s daily essentials in his community. The strategic combination of associating his business with food staples and the increasing demand of gas has been profoundly valued.



Image Credit: Firsthand Foods


3. Re-launching the oldest ‘Dive Bar’ business

Contextual investigation: Alexandra Wendkos, new co-owner of Dino’s, Nashville

Nashville’s oldest Dive Bar was purchased by Alexandra Wendkos. Alexandra had been to Dino’s some time recently, yet never frequented it due to the smoke, rats and characters that would stay nearby. Be that as it may, every one of these things made a notoriety and a name for Dino’s.”

Wendkos’ vision was built upon the concept of providing an all-American cheeseburger joint where old traditions were kept authentic. It was only until a couple of months later that alcohol was being introduced and the local burger joint was transformed into the “Dive Bar’’. Turns out, alcohol was the best thing Alexandra had brought to what she thought was a stagnated business.

Interestingly, the business didn’t need it getting to be something it wasn’t. It was within time that more people finally embraced the idea and took it on board.



Image Credit: Twitter 

Existing businesses are an engine of economic growth

Entrepreneurs looking to re-launch or  incorporate a new business concept to an existing corporation ought to keep it basic and pleasing to the public. Grasp the history, go steady with it and be straightforward. Try not to attempt to demonstrate a lot of overwhelming ambitions too early. Hence, by being benevolent and giving it time, the progressions won’t appear like changes by any means.


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