Mophie Co-Founder Made a Scooter Turnaround with the Immoter Go

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It’s not precisely modest, but rather for a scooter, this thing is stylish and rich!

The eventual fate of individual transport may very well be a scooter, if Daniel Huang, the former CEO of battery telephone case creator Mophie, has his direction.

Huang is presently in charge of Immotor, which just propelled its first item – a “shrewd,” 3-wheel electric scooter that is fueled by a savvy battery with its own working framework. Propelled on crowdfunding site Indiegogo, the Immotor Go has officially raised more than $18,000 of its $45,000 objective, with a month left to go in the gathering pledges crusade. For those who are interested in the scooter, you can secure the transport on Indiegogo now for just $399. It’s relied upon to send in March 2017, and soon thereafter the cost goes up to $749.



Yes, it’s not precisely that cheap…

For a scooter-like transport, this thing is stylishly rich in features: it has LED headlights, coordinated GPS tracking and advanced anti-theft technology, trip control, computerized accelerator and brake pedals, a weatherproof Bluetooth speaker and ‘super’ batteries. It can go up to 20 miles on an energized speed at up to 20mph.

The personal transport is intended to be clever, the Immotor Go and its application permits people to mount and charge their mobile phone, play their regularly scheduled drive music playlist on the experience with its inherent Bluetooth speaker, track their scooter outings, and take selfies or recordings with no hassle.


The Flexible Uses

When you get where you’re going, you can take one of the batteries and utilize them to charge your laptop or tablet, or utilize an included connector to transform one into a spotlight. Immotor guarantees that the battery is ‘protected by plan’. The design is very safe so this product shouldn’t be attracting any dangerous flames.



Image Credit: Notey

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