The Unburdened Mind: How Psychopaths Rule Their Profession

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We can all agree that psychopaths are known to be the most twisted people you could ever come across 

In movies, they’ve been depicted as being unstable, frightening, and have the tendency to self-destruct. However, one couldn’t help but ponder that maybe a small fraction of being a tad bit psychopathic can make someone rich and successful. Interestingly, acquiring psychopathic traits can be ‘attractive’ to some people.

This query relates to the chilling written piece by Psychologists Scott Lillenfeld and Ashley Watts, signifying to people that acquiring some psychopathic traits are associated with success. Their written piece was based on Tom Skeyhill, the commended Australian war hero. He was blind and known across the country for being the ‘’blind soldier-poet’’. In a nutshell, after the war, he kept a poetry book and traveled around Australia and the United States. All in all, he was said to had faked his blindness and had embodied alarming elements of successful and effective psychopathy.

Scott and Ashley are psychologists. For those who lead this intimidating  profession aren’t constantly lacking of psychopathic traits on their own. It depends on the individual’s experience. This might all be a bit overwhelming now that you’ve gotten yourself all worried. We all have our irrational ways and maybe being a bit psychopathic could turn out well for some of us? Who knows?…


Let’s start with something that we all know from the get go

Majority of the psychopaths are male. Why? This is because males are likely to “get away’’ with a lot of things. Their charming, witty and  marveled by females. As a result, their recklessness is never noticed and are successful because of it.  They don’t have a high sense of compassion, expression and understanding. This description can fit with anybody. Researches and other scholars have started to question whether there’s been other careers that possess more than their portion of psychopaths. Much to our dismay, these careers are business, law enforcement, politics, and other specialized services. A lot of us would get stuck on wondering why business is there? The psychologists suggest that psychopathic people have more charisma, drive, determination, and emotional resilience that can fluctuate most of the time. But, when it comes to demanding situations, they act immediately with well-rounded execution.


There’s a fine line between being a charmer and a successful psychopath that one can’t help but to admire them secretly

A situation that showcases and involves an extensive use of psychopathy measures would be to link it with presidential performance. In today’s world, it’s been effective for leaders and politicians to rave about their ”boldness”. People would hope that their bold, and after they change once the ‘’chase’’ of getting what they want has been achieved. Successful Psychopathy can also be witnessed at homes on the television and at the office.


Perhaps we should reach a common ground to this concept

Psychopathic measures are the key to success, the power that comes with it doesn’t last. There will come a point where it will all vanish in the long run. Maybe, that’s why we seem to elect presidents and prime ministers for a specific period and each of them happen to be different from the other. Much to our dismay, it hasn’t solved anything but it has spared us from a lot of grievances.



Image Credit: Business Insider

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