CIO’s, Warned to Get Real and Be Delighted to Outsource

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CIO’s have higher stakes and even harder expectations to live up to

The CIO’s (Chief Information Officer) contribution in any business is great and provides a critical bridge between business and ICT. But as business change, the role of the CIO is changing with it. This unfolds the reason why outsourcing is moving and isn’t going away anytime soon.

Nowadays, outsourcing could place a CIO on the dustpan of history as information technology is becoming more of a standardized value.



Outsourcing is looked as the only resort for corporations to uphold all their work in-house 

Joe Martin, an information and security manager at Royal & Sun Alliance shared his own experience with outsourcing. His suggestions were brought out after a cautionary statement was given by a top CEO who claims that CIO’s must outsource for them to last longer in their jobs. Based on Martin’s response, he found it difficult to communicate with international staff being brought in. The ‘’language-barrier’’ between him and his staff is a disturbing factor. He hopes that companies can address this issue so that it upholds better security as opposed to disregarding its capabilities. Martin found it difficult to limit and monitor his suppliers and finds it wise to not trust them.


For maximum security, Royal Sun Alliance implemented “lock-down devices” to avoid any sudden theft of their valuable data information

Companies should be more open to the idea of implementing an improved contact security system with outsource suppliers. This will help avoid future micro-managing obstacles because you can’t just monitor them yourself, it will such a hassle.

Vice President Jay Heiser, analyst at Gartner supports the practice of outsourcing as he believes the production drives suppliers and customers to collaborate in helping to reduce such business risks. However, it does tend to motivate the suppliers more than the in-house employees. According to Heiser, outsource employees are more disciplined than the in-house employees as they rarely get ‘’too comfortable”. When you have an outsource employee that could get the job done efficiently, it is wise to let go of ineffective staff rather than keep them in the company. Philippe Courtot, Chairman and CEO of Qualys, the cloud security provider had the same perspective as Heiser. A well-experienced CIO, the one who stays successfully heard in the company will be the one willing to practice outsource. All CIO’s are stressing over what to do next.


So, what is the bottom line here?

Heiser predicts that if companies are not careful, there will be grave outsourcing failures before people even start to wake up.


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