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Social media platforms have evolved since their initial releases years ago. The features available today have shaped the applications of such platforms into more than just personal communication. Social media is now an important tool to share and gain information and ideas. People and organisations have now witnessed the potential that social media has in shaping the world we live in today.

Many industries look to social media as a means of reaching out to audiences and connect them with the products and services provided. As a result, the business world has seen the rise of digital marketing as the ultimate tool in brand advertising. However, social media evolution has created new industry opportunities.


Transcending ‘Social’

Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter are some of the most prominent social media platforms available today. These companies have now transcended the ‘social’ aspect into a bigger media concept. Many years ago, search engines were the only true source of finding information. Today, social media has allowed for a more interactive form of information, one that connects industries to consumers on a personal level.

In September 2016, Twitter moved its mobile app listing from the social category to news. This move done in Apple’s App Store has actually accelerated the download of the app. Furthermore, Snapchat has also made a move for reinvention. The company has developed a new type of camera mounted on sunglasses. Aptly named Spectacles, the wireless camera can connect directly to Snapchat via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. As a result, the experimentation with hardware has pushed Snapchat into a camera developer and shaped a new market opportunity.


Glimpse of the Future

The diversity of functions and applications of social media has created new boundaries for marketing and content distribution. Social media has played prominent roles in advancing technology and revolutionising communication. Due to such contributions, these platforms offer stability, longevity, and continuous innovation to the business world.

Social media accounts are now seen as an essential to business development and growth. Businesses today can now gain a platform that can perform various needs only with one login credential. As people continue to use social media to get the latest info and stay connected with the world, it is possible that social media will be the only form of media in the years to come.

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