Video Marketing the New Appeal for Small Businesses

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Does your company have a marketing video? If you don’t, you ought to get one now!

Why are videos so popular? It is because videos are the easiest way to catch your targeted audience attention. Tastefully done, this can be just the boost your business has been looking for. You do not have to come up with an elaborate video; just a simple video can do wonders for your online marketing.

Let’s face it, we can’t ignore the power of video marketing as it is one of the most engaging content available today. There are many ways to use a video to grow your business and this guide is going to show you just how to do it.


Video on landing page

If your business invests in online advertising, putting a video out there will almost improve its landing page conversion rate. This is something all business owners think about.  According to studies, placing a video on your landing page could actually increase conversion by 80%. This is because videos are often engaging and it also encourages people to watch it.

Mobile phones made easy

The good news is almost everyone accesses the internet via their phones these days.  This also shows how important online advertising is. No one actually  likes  a long preachy write up therefore the best way to guarantee a good amount of reach is to use a video because its fast and is straight to the point.

Visualize your product

Do you have a company webpage but it does nothing for your business? Well it’s hard when all you have is only stock photos on your page. This is where videos come in handy, it offers an insight on your product and what it actually does.  A video also allows you to explain more about your business which will in return save you a lot of unnecessary customer service questions.

Go Interactive

There is no use to a business if it can’t engage customers.  What’s worse than having a huge email database for your newsletter platform but you get no response from it.  A great way to increase customer engagement is through making your videos interactive.

Organizing a live Q and A session is a popular way to ensure engagement. You could start of by explaining your product and answering some question and moving on to taking comments from the floor. This will also make your customers feel important as they are part of something.

Do not rely on Video

There is a saying, ‘too much of a good thing is bad’. We are not saying videos are bad, it is the perfect form of advertising but make sure to mix it up with other advertising methods to achieve the perfect balance. Just remember to not overwhelm your customers only with videos as it could get boring after a while.


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