Your Ultimate Guide to Explainer Videos

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What is an Explainer video? 

An explainer video is a short and informative video that is fun to watch. Its informative but not in a boring way making it a great tool to warrant your viewers’ attention. These videos are the best way to deliver important information in the shortest amount of time possible. Typically, the length of an explainer video could go between 30 seconds to 3 minutes.

What are Explainer Videos Used for?

An explainer video is most often used to introduce a subject or concept in a perfectly brief manner.  It may be quick and short but it is the perfect introduction for your business to your customers.  If you’re a startup and getting noticed is your main aim, an explainer video would be perfect!

An explainer video is also the best way if you’re looking to explain your product in an easy- to- understand manner

Who needs to read a long and lengthy manual when you have explainer videos to offer easy demonstrations and step by step tutorial. It’s much more fun an engaging.

Types of Explainer Videos

Live Action

These videos feature real people with real scenarios and it can be effective to increase relatability. This in return will give the audience a sense of connection and relatability with the video. These types of videos are best for people-focused or physical products/services.


 For an animation  video, no idea is impossible. It’s fun way to go but it has to be in the best quality to represent your brand well. The best thing about animation is without any shooting schedule, set design or actors, it’s a more of a controlled production.


Typography can be a great method to create a quick explainer video although it can be less engaging than the other types. The benefit of this type of videos is that it keeps the focus on the message. It works best with causes or topics with powerful, memorable information.

Explainer Videos and Emotions

When it comes to videos, the aim is to create an emotional connection with your viewers. This will only influence the viewers experience more.

Voice over and music:   Voiceover is the one of the most important step in an explainer video. Never underestimate the power of a good voiceover. In an explainer video, the voice makes it more captivating and sets the particular mood of the video and also adds a human touch to the story.  Music on the other hand is a great storytelling device that would enhance the story even more.

Visuals:  Even with the best voiceover and music, it will not mean a thing without a compelling visual experience. The flow  of the video too is very important to connect with your viewers.


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