Digital Marketing: A Look into Paid and Free Traffic Approaches

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Digital marketing plays a vital role in growing your business at rapid speeds. Your business’s online presence lets you generate traffic and create opportunities for lead conversion, bringing in more revenue. But digital marketing is more than just signing up on social media. Even if the services available today are so called free, there are still costs to consider in building a well-planned digital marketing campaign.

The basis to generating traffic is having impeccable content. People go online to find content in various formats including news, education, and entertainment. Focusing on developing high quality content lets your digital marketing create awareness and promote interest towards your brand. This interest can then be converted into sales with the right call to action.


Paid Traffic

Paying for traffic lets you access the services provided by prominent websites such as Google and Facebook. Investing in content boosts can generate traffic from a wider range of audience. However, there are many cons to using paid traffic.

The traffic services from websites requires payment to maintain the promotion of your content. Ceasing the payment would mean that traffic will stop immediately, leaving you no more customer prospects. These services often have fluctuating costs depending on inflation. This makes it difficult to have a stable cost margin within any timeframe.


Free Traffic

As mentioned above, there is always a cost to digital marketing. To have free traffic means building your own content platform, which will only cost anything during the initial construction. Once your business has its own platform, regulating content becomes an easier and economical task compared to using paid traffic generating services.

While paid traffic has the potential to pull larger crowds, the content that you provide may not reach the target audience. There is a high probability that conversion rate will be low as you have not built trust between your audience and your brand.

Building a platform for content publishing helps in creating a more organic and trustworthy image of what you offer.


Best of Both Worlds

Knowing the right approach to digital marketing will help you to seize the best results at a more practical and sustainable business. Using both traffic generating approach will give you the advantage of creating a pool of marketing resources and the right channel to present them to the people.

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