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What’s the Rundown?

Digital Nomads are developing in numbers everywhere throughout the world. More goals are being suggested for those that work while venturing to the far corners of the world. With such a variety of decisions it can be difficult to choose where to go when you begin carrying on with the roaming way of life. The most important thing to consider is that the destinations that you’ll end up with allows you to support yourself as you travel. In order to be a Digital Nomad, you have to pick your destinations strategically. Ensure that you are fully equipped with sufficient money to embark on your first destination.

In this rundown, you’ll discover goals that bear the cost of the advanced traveler way of life by giving a minimal effort of living alongside a high caliber of life. Check out our 10 most incredible destinations fit for every digital nomad. In order to be a Digital Nomad, you have to pick your destinations strategically.


The 10 Most Incredible Destinations


  1. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand’s Northern capital of Chiang Mai is mountainous and enriched with an ‘old city’ culture that is perfect for any digital nomads with a passion for a whirlwind South-east Asian escape. Chiang Mai is a great choice for digital nomads with a small budget. The city feels less like a major city, and has a casual South-East Asian climate. The town itself is accommodating with abundant and authentic coffee shops and co-working facilities. You can easily live for just $500 per month. Truthfully, you won’t be getting your own costly penthouse apartment. However, if you’re able to live a high-quality way of life than you should be content with a small spaced apartment.


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  1. Sofia, Bulgaria

The Balkan capital of Sofia is Bulgaria’s most famous and historical city. The city shares its architectural influences with the Greeks, Roman, Ottoman and Soviet empires. Sofia has now been the hub for Bulgaria’s cultural and economic happenings. In the event that you need to stay in Europe and still get a considerable measure for your cash, this could be the spot for you. The capital is known for their Bulgarian revival buildings and their peculiar street art installations that can be found when you walk around the city. This is additionally an incredible city to set up your base for going around the district.


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  1. Phuket, Thailand

Thailand is yet again on this list for their amazing Southern beach province of Phuket. From the fabled Phi Phi islands to other beach landscapes, stunning shorelines are never far away in this little heaven of Southern Thailand. The value level in Thailand is for the most part low, and Phuket is no exemption to the principle. Phuket is inexpensive if you aim for a suitable accommodation. You can get purchase a space here without issue for substantially less than 1000 USD a month.


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  1. Budapest, Hungary

For those of you that have a passion for European culture than Budapest is a great place for you. Budapest is considered to be one of the largest cities in European Union. What sets Budapest apart is their unique night-life that seems to be an intriguing aspect for people. It’s anything but difficult to live in Budapest. If you’re the kind of traveler that appreciates all types of historical ruins than try setting out your base in Budapest.


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  1. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The pivotal and Southern city of Ho Chi Minh is the leading hub of Vietnam’s commerce and culture. Ho Chi Minh is a beautiful city that has special areas of well-preserved French colonial architectures. The average cost for basic items is moderately appealing here. You get a ton for your cash and you can at present live in a major city.

In addition, the city is packed with new anticipation that would keep you feeling more excited.  If you’re aiming for a brilliant street city lifestyle than Ho Chi Minh is a suitable place for you.


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  1. Taipei, Taiwan

Bursting with busy shopping streets and modern buildings, Taipei is Taiwan’s famous capital! Taipei is not your average South-east Asian city; it has kept up to date with high-end contemporary buildings. Taipei’s city culture is vivid and relaxed to get around with. It’s anything but difficult to get around and has the absolute most energizing sustenance in the area.


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  1. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is considered to be the 15th largest city in the European Union and is the city of a hundred spires as most visitors would say. Individuals run here consistently just to see the Gothic structures in the renowned Old Town of Prague. It is also admired by various visitors for their romantic settings of language and culture. Prague is as beautiful and affordable for digital nomads to scout for ideal places. You could settle down and not have to worry so much about finding new people as the city is abundant with expats. This makes it simple to make companions and find new individuals to hang out with. If you’re keen on being immersed in an expat community than Prague is an idyllic place to start.


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  1. Siem Reap, Cambodia

The beautiful Northwestern city of Siem Reap is home to Cambodia’s ruins of Angkor. Thanks to the well-preserved old-temple ruins of Angkor, Cambodia has received immense admiration for being the closest city to the Khmer ruins. The city contains a very rich history for its unrivaled beauty and buildings. Digital nomads can finally consider Cambodia a great destination for all things intimate and authentic. Siem Reap offers a wide array of office spaces great and small that can be a convenient starting point in Asia.


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  1. Santiago, Chile

Santiago is the fifth largest city in South America and sits beautifully by the towering Andes Mountain. People will be surprised that this incredible city sits below the Andes Mountains. The city has great WIFI, and numerous bistros that can be utilized when you need to complete your work. Santiago allows you to have a smooth move in a city that cherishes its guests. Likewise, it’s not a spot known for compelling warmth constantly, which can be pleasant in case you’re accustomed to a cooler atmosphere. However, before embarking your journey to South America, it is highly recommended that you pick up on Spanish. It will be easier for you to get around.

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  1. Porto, Portugal

The urban city of Porto is Portugal’s second largest and famous city after Lisbon. The metropolis city is famous for their robust port wine in all of Europe. Porto has a charming combination of old and contemporary cultures. The hilly streets and hipster areas help transform Porto into an inviting city for all ages. Porto will get you to experience and engage with local influences that could be vital for improving your digital nomadic lifestyle.


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So would you say you are searching for another goal to investigate at this moment? Provided that this is true, then ideally you can appreciate one or a greater amount of these areas as you venture to the far corners of the planet.







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