The 10 Common Things People Regret the Most Before Dying

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The feeling of regret happens to a lot of us. We don’t need to own a sports car, win an Oscar or hike up Mount Everest to feel accomplished. However, it does feel good to be close to it. There are multiple things to do that you might probably have pushed aside because it was seen as impossible. Inspiring life author who spent several years in Australia caring for dying people in their homes. Ware inspired a nurse to ask her patients, who were seeing their last days in palliative care to share their regrets in life. The adjustments don’t have to come from pain and sorrow. People can gain a better perspective with these life regrets, and we’ve shared them for you.




Life’s Common Regrets


  1. Being afraid to pursue your dreams and life aspirations

The hardest regret that is common for people is that they haven’t pushed themselves hard enough. They were confined to what others wanted them to be and what was expected of them. For those people of you who have a lot of years to live by, don’t feel scared to start living your dreams. The more you keep putting things off, the more intense this regret will get. Hence, you wouldn’t want to live your life with the same regret of not following your dreams. You can start small by allowing yourself the freedom to be happy because everyone has that right.


  1. Being too much of a ‘Workaholic’

This is by far the most common regret for most working parents. A lot of people easily forget that the essence of life is to live, and not just be so consumed with work. Parents, and even grandparents find themselves missing out on important moments of their children’s lives. Working to try to make a career for yourself and provide for you family is a very commendable thing. However, your family is the ultimate backbone to all your happiness. You should never trade them with work.


  1. Making more time for my friends

As each day goes by, more people would usually miss out on hanging out with their friends. Recent news of events will be hard for you to keep up with. You would eventually end up losing contacts you’ve had with your friends. It is a common for people to sacrifice their friendships for work. Realistically, it is hard for people to update their friends with everything and anything. In the end, what it really comes down to is love and relationships. Love and relationships are powerful mechanisms of life. Therefore, relish back on those happy moments and be the first to initiate the first greeting.


  1. Saying ‘I Love You’ a lot more

Love and relationships are greater when their incorporated together. The worst feeling is to keep that ‘I love you’ phrase for long periods of time. What this will do to you is build up an aching feeling that could might as well change everything. When you fail to express to someone that you love them, the world feels like it’s falling down on you. Another reason would be that people are so afraid of being rejected. Whichever it is, it still gives you an unsettling feeling.


  1. Being more confrontational

Most people often tend to hate confrontations. This is because a lot of people would often get upset when confronting about a situation. It’s important that you don’t allow anyone to treat you small. Speak your mind up.


  1. Taking more time to solve bigger problems

Once certain problem is arising, it’s important that you deal with them as it comes. You can’t be avoiding conflicts. What you could do is try to not let them get the best of you and come up with solutions. It’s up to you to do what you wish to do, but you must also stay rational.


  1. The wish to have children

This one isn’t really much of a good situation in terms of life regrets. There are people that hold the regret of not having kids. Being too busy with work tends to shift your focus to somewhere else.


  1. Saving more money for my retirement

Most people wouldn’t give much focus to their retirement planning. Having enough money for your retirement is very important if you plan on having an enjoyable one. It’s never too late to start saving up money for your retirement. You won’t be wanting to live your retirement moments in despair.


  1. Not having the nerve to live honestly

You don’t have to be living a life full in misery and despair. Most people regret not staying true to themselves. You’ve got time to learn about yourself, and how you can fulfill on that. Live life with the freedom of choosing how you want to be, feel and learn.


  1. Choosing to be happy

What most people don’t realize is that everyone has a choice to be happy. It’s what you choose to do with that happiness that’s important. When you don’t start your day by choosing to be happy, you will miss out on the simple pleasures of life. This usually happens when people are surrounded with negative people who put them down. When you’re surrounded with negative people, you’re allowing them to take over your happiness and supply it with negativity.



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