How Can Entrepreneurs Build Their Empires Using Airbnb?

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The sharing economy of Airbnb

Nowadays, people are coming up with creative ways to win over the economy.  The online marketplace, Airbnb is a great push for doing that. The company was launched 4 years ago, and has been opening up doors at fascinating places to stay. However, there’s been other keen risk-takers out there that’s made it possible for anyone to build their own Airbnb empires. Ryan Scott, Alexander Van Djil and Adam Falla have each shared their stories and performances into people’s own businesses. Whether it’s to supplement your income or building a dream, these entrepreneurs have narrowed their important points for us.



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Scott is a full-time consultant from the International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), and has been renting out his San Diego home on Airbnb when travelling on business. In addition, he kept his 2014 plans to replace his IBM salary with his Airbnb’s rental income. He bought a triplex in Mission Beach with most of his earnings, which was an immense return of investment. Van Djil had different ideas towards finding money while he was writing his new book. Hence, he felt it was crucial renting out his home for extra cash, whilst living elsewhere. Falla used Airbnb as a way for supplementary income. Falla acquired more properties to rent out and became a major Airbnb host. He founded Air Clean N Sheen, an affordable cleaning service company that helps Airbnb hosts prepare their homes for their guest’s arrival. Below is a list of 3 successful tips for becoming a brilliant Airbnb host.


How can you create your own empire using Airbnb


  1. Listen to Your Guests

Listening to your guest’s requests is strategic. As a host, you’d want to have quick problem-solving actions. By listening to them, enables your guests to remain loyal in your rental business. Every bit of feedback is essential can increase your chances of a return visit. Once your guest realizes that you’ve taken their considerations into account, they’d feel more inviting and comfortable with your hospitality.

  1. Stay Professional

Whether you’re an old or new Airbnb host, you must look your best at injecting a sense of ‘professionalism’. For people that are new Airbnb hosts, it’s important to make sure that your sources for photography is sharp and in high definition. Once that’s done, you can start focusing on other areas. By having certain things made a priority, it should be in top quality. Your search rankings will be taken care off.

  1. Offer great service

The most important thing to do that can tie all these enhancements together is to offer great quality service. By keeping the interests and engagement going, your guests will have a long-lasting impression of what they can seem to be expecting for their next visit.




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