J.K. Rowling Dropped off the Forbes Billionaires List For Donating To Charity

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How it started

J.K. Rowling was feted by the Forbes Rich List  as one of the world’s notably richest female billionaire back in 2014. It started out as a popular internet meme, that raised speculations about Rowling’s questionable wealth. Forbes is known to produce a list of annual billionaires for the past 25 years and have placed Rowling’s wealth as outstanding on their list. Rowling’s earnings have amounted her a well-deserved spot with the bulk of her earnings coming from her successful book franchise. However, The novelist was one of the first 129 people to drop out of this year’s anticipated list of billionaire “drop-offs” for having donated hefty amount of money to charities. Due to new information, forced British taxes and the combined charitable giving of  $160 million (€ 101 million), were the two main reasons that triggered Rowling’s exit from the Forbes billionaires list.



The mixture of responses

In a nutshell, Rowling’s earnings suffered tremendously. In the eyes of most other billionaires, Rowling’s philanthropic approach is being looked as the root to her demotion from the Forbes rich list. Whereas to a lot of people, Rowling’s ordeal should have been celebrated by Forbes. In addition, Rowling co-wrote an eighth book to her acclaimed Harry Potter franchise, known as Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. This particular eighth book of the series was also turned into a broad way show that showcased an untold part of Harry’s story. According to Little Brown and Company, the sales from the eighth Harry Potter book was enough to make it as the fast-selling book of the decade, beating out the ever so popular previous best-seller Fifty Shades of Grey. However, some readers would argue that her last 2 books Deathly Hallows received greater royalties. As a result, it took a major impact on the Forbes billionaires list.




Life after Harry Potter

In conclusion, Rowling still manages to slightly quality for a place in the list of the most powerful women by Forbes Magazine. She was also one of the few philanthropic people that actively participated in non-profit organizations, particularly the ones that she respects. She also established her own charity, known as “The Lumos Foundation”. The charity works to provide child-care services to disadvantaged children in Eastern Europe. Rowling’s commitment to the concept of charity has helped her receive a world-wide admiration from her fans.


A compilation of the Harry Potter book series


Image Source: http://footwearnews.com/2016/focus/womens/j-k-rowling-wears-sophia-webster-butterfly-wing-heels-harry-potter-cursed-child-play-premiere-245005/



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