Apple Faces New Lawsuit: What the Users are Seeing

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What’s been plaguing the iPhone 6 Family

Apple have gained quite a global and political recognition with its latest lawsuit so far, over claims that they’ve participated in an illegal tax benefit partnership with Ireland. Apple is hit yet again, by another lawsuit known as the “Touch Disease”. A design defect is reported to be the cause for the 2014 version of iPhone 6 phones. The defect would start to develop a small grey flickering bar the top of the screen, which will automatically affect the functionality of the iPhone 6 touch feature. Once the touch feature is badly affected, the iPhone loses its touch immediately. The iPhone touch feature is the main function of the phone by regular use. When the touch feature gets deeper than the screen, your phone will become highly unusable.




The increasing number of phone repairs

According to most mobile phone repair specialists on ifixit, the issue of the touch disease is a widespread issue. The problem comes from the 2 main touchscreen controller chips, that’s located on the logic board inside your phone. The 2 touchscreen controller chips help ensure a smooth mashing on the display, making it easier for information to be translated textually. The normal daily routine of tapping buttons on your automatic keyboard will be unresponsive.


The violations

Apple has remained silent for most part of the problem, shifting their focus on their ongoing illegal tax battle with the EU. This added issue of the “touch disease will surely raise questions for people that are already speculating Apple. Three distinctive cases were reported against Apple in the U.S. District Court for Northern California, with further claims that the tech company kept its phone defects as a secret. In addition, there were more fraudulent claims by the plaintiffs of the case, believing that Apple is the culprit behind all the recent allegations. Interestingly, the company is also set to launch their next iPhone 7 upgrades at their special press event. The proposed event will be held on September 7.


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