Tangible Lessons for Entrepreneurs to Travel Smarter

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Travel smarter, not harder

Unlike many other entrepreneurs around the world, a number of them would run through a frenzy of errands, meetings and visits. With advance technology, certain things are easier to accomplish that there haven’t been newer ways to come up with a solution to this. It still remains a reality for many. Hence, provided below is a compilation of smarter and efficient ways for entrepreneurs to tackle certain hassles of being a well-rounded travel entrepreneur.


Calling all travelling entrepreneurs

The most probable and important lesson that any entrepreneur can grasp on is to keep business cards. You can divide your business cards into smaller piles for better distribution. By keeping your business cards in your pocket, your briefcase and travel luggage can help you feel prepared at all times. The chances of you bumping into a potential business partner or colleague at unexpected places can happen.


Set out an automatic “out of office” message response

Before heading out anywhere it is crucial for you to set an automatic “out of office” message response to those that will try to contact you. You could save a lot of your time and their time as well once you let them know of your whereabouts.


Always look presentable

It is hard to stay presentable when you’re away from the office. However, for the time that you’re away is the time that people do still expect you to work “on the go”. When an entrepreneur works “on the go”, self-image and presentation gets to be in the forefront. Another way that entrepreneurs can go about this is to keep a fresh set of business clothes in their luggage, especially during heavy travel season.


Check out more viable WiFi options

Before any entrepreneur starts their travel, it’s wise to invest in a good data plan (international or domestic) that can provide better coverage around the world. By investing more money n your phone plans lets you feel connected better.


Charge Up

Another good tip is to charge up portable mobile phone charges and power banks. A lot of entrepreneurs have encountered problems with important file uploads and not having any other resources that can back their phones up. By backing up important files with external hard drives, servers and cloud storage problems are viable options for data and information storage.

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