Why Business Employees Should Become Intrapreneurs

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The Conversion

Heather R. Huhman’s contributing article for converting employees to “Intrapreneurs” is a sharing insight for us all. Intrapreneurs is an interesting term that a lot of people nowadays seem to have invented. In simple words, intrapreneurs are entrepreneurs in the making. However, most of us would usually cause a mix-up at trying to understand when exactly does the role of intrapreneurs come in effectively? Most people can agree that employees operate internally within a business company. They start out to be essentially there for business before being motivated risk-takers.

The University of Phoenix, provided results, which claimed that more than half of U.S. working adults were able to take up entrepreneurial qualities at their workplaces, when necessary. In regards to this study, it was crucial for people to possess a proactive mindset. Not only is it necessary for employees to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset, but they are a huge part of the creative problem-solving aspect of the company. Therefore, employees with strong entrepreneurial qualities can have greater chances at taking ownership of the company.

The Eyeing Difference?

The eyeing difference is that employees are not realistically expected to act like intrapreneurs. Employees are mostly there for business and holds potential in becoming intrapreneurs that are more committed to the business. The entrepreneurial luxury on getting a heavy and creative insight into a business company is considered “gold”. Intrapreneurs would have it harder. Hence, they are expected to work more structurally in various cultural shortcomings. Why is it a relevant business scope though? In a nutshell, most entrepreneurs started out as intrapreneurs. Employees are hardworking risk-takers and most of them want to make it big in the business. They usually have a vision with a weak voice, but are visionary people needed to make any business company successful.


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