Gadgets from The Consumer Electronics Show of 2016

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The 5 best new gadgets from the Consumer Electronics Show is as exciting as anything else. The yearly event of the Consumer Electronics Show, held in Las Vegas is every tech companies’ oasis.  The 5 best new Gadgets from The Consumer Electronics Show of 2016  consists of appliances and electronic devices that is supposed to deliver efficient ways of providing service. Here is a taste of the 5 best new gadgets from the Consumer Electronics Show of 2016



Faraday Future Electronic Car

The FFZero1, famously known as the Faraday Future Electronic Car could undoubtedly be the sexiest displays at the show. It made such huge statement that it had adopted the look of a Lamborghini and Batman’s bat mobile. It was built by a Chinese supported company and was initially meant for harnessing a wow factor, rather than a buyer’s item. The frame of the car is so architecturally designed that questions about manufacturing more of them came into speculation. With a surprising 1,000 horsepower and the potential to exceed up to 200 mph makes it an ultimate competitor.

Faraday Future Electronic Car

LG OLED Screen roll

The acclaimed tech company LG, has revealed an 18-inch rolling screen that is high in definition. An impressive gadget that can potentially replace any medium. The screen is said to be so versatile that you could roll it up freely like a sheet of paper. The roll can be fidgeted in a lot of different ways and serves only as a prototype and as a display gadget. The screen roll is still an ongoing prototype, so it can only be rolled from one side at this point.

LG OLED Screen Roll

HTC Vive Headset

The precious virtual reality headset was designed by HTC as a means of having it listed as a prominent futuristic gadget. Just like the PlayStation headset, the HTC Vive headset is targeted towards video games oriented people. Unlike other virtual reality headsets, it has the ability to snap the gamer back into reality with its front camera to help avoid crashing into things. This gadget really does it all.

HTC Vive Virtual Reality Headset


SCiO Molecular Sensor

This gadget in particular, falls into the category of “items that you thought wouldn’t ‘be handy to you”. It has an alarming scanner that can detect the nutritional content of your food and sending out the results back to you for a clearer indication. The results would then be sent out through an application and was designed by Consumer Physics. A gadget for all healthy eaters out there!

SCiO Molecular Sensor


Withings Thermo

In a nutshell, the Withings Thermo is like a gadget thermometer. What sets this apart from all other known thermometers is that the Thermo checks temperature by having it pressed against the forehead. This gadget is targeted towards babies and small kids, making it very consumer-friendly in the mother care department. The gadget is consisting of an infrared sensor that triggers accurate readings of temperature and electromagnetic powered radiation.

Withings Thermo


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