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It is not an educated guess to know that travelling around gives people great pleasure. The simple and straightforward things in life such as meeting new people and seeing a diversity of places is an exciting new approach. We can all agree that the trends for travel and tourism are always upcoming. Certain aspects of travelling and tourism have now been relying on such experiences. Now, what I mean by that is that these so called “experiences” are meant to be educating and experiential.

Set an eco-friendly and sustainable planner to keep track of all your exciting ideas and travel specifications.

What is an Ecotourism Business?

An ecotourism business derives from the straightforward concept of travel and tourism,  just with the eco-friendly and sustainable aspects being put into it. This is a very unique way of showcasing a form of tourism as it is less involved with group tours, which is known to be a headache for some people.


How Do You Start One?

For starters, the whole green business idea does not require taking up the role of a travel agent at all. It is more leaning towards helping people plan for an eco-friendly adventure. One that is probably not offered at any typical travel agency. By keeping a “Sustainable Travel Planner” is the best vessel, in taking all of these exciting ideas on board. This green business idea in particular includes alternative ways for travelling. Ways that are fully enriched with eco-friendly approaches. Subtle activities and places such as biking, hiking, and sight-seeing at natural scenic places are great ways in being eco-friendly and sustainable.

The best part about this green business machine approach is that there are no formal training requirements but, it also does not mean that you should dive right in. It is important to recruit a team of organized and well spirited travel entrepreneurs to want to pull this off. Being a good communicator, listener and associating yourself with an abundant array of languages and culture is by far a home run. You will be dealing with a lot of people from different nationalities.


How Much Money is it Appropriate to Start with?

It is up to the individual to be perfectly honest. However, it is wise to start with investing your money towards a good computer and having your own office space. It is very important to let those creative juices flowing. Setting up a website is also a great way to start as well.


How can we set about with an income?

Like all rising ecotourism travel industries, it is also wise to set an income potential that could range from 40,000 dollars to 50,000 dollars to be fair.


It does take up a lot of hard work and determination. What you may lack in experience can be made for in energy. In time, your work ethic will improve and definitely be complementing each other.  To travel in an eco-friendly and sustainable style is an exclusive entrepreneurial travel offer.



By: Aqila Fadil




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