Priceless Advice From 50 Of The Worlds Greatest Entrepreneurs

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Below is one hell of a video!
Thanks to the team at Blockshelf who have put the time and effort into creating such a valuable video with amazing insight from some of the worlds greatest entrepreneurs.


“People say, you have to have a lot of passion for what you’re doing and its totally true. The reason is, because its so hard, if you don’t, any rational person would give up” – Steve Jobs


If you’re somebody that’s about to embark on a mission of your own, then this video is sure to give you the motivation and reality of great advice which will be more than helpful in achieving your goals.

Written By: James Browne –

Below is the list of Entrepreneurs in the video, from start to finish.

Jeff Bezos – Amazon
Steve Jobs – Apple
Pierre Omidyar – eBay
Michael Dell – Dell
Sergey Brin – Google
Biz Stone – Twitter
Gary Vaynerchuk – Wine Library
Daniel Ek – Spotify
Kevin Rose – Digg, Tiiny
James Altucher – ‘Choose Yourself’
Robert Greene – ‘Mastery’
Guy Kawasaki – Apple
Steve Wozniak – Apple
Mark Cuban – Broadcast
Sam Altman – Loopt
Tony Fadell – Nest
Danae Ringelmann -Indiegogo
Simon Sinek – ‘Start With Why’
Seth Godin – Marketing guru
Evan Williams – Blogger, Twitter, Medium
Reid Hoffman – LinkedIn
Jack Dorsey – Twitter, Square
Kevin Systrom – Instagram
Drew Houston – DropBox
Brian Chesky – Airbnb
Peter Thiel – PayPal
Elon Musk – Tesla, SpaceX
Alan Schaaf – Imgur
Chris Sacca – Baller Investor
Paul Graham – Y Combinator
Dennis Crowley – foursquare
Eric Ries – The Lean Startup
Leah Busque – TaskRabbit
Anthony Casalena – Squarespace
Alexis Ohanian – Reddit, Hipmunk
Jason Fried, Basecamp
Palmer Luckey – Oculus Rift
Kamal Ravikant – AngelList
Ben Silbermann – Pinterest
Tony Hsieh – Zappos
Andrew Mason – Groupon
Richard Branson – Virgin
Andrew Ljung – Soundcloud
Justin Kan –
Jessica Livingston – Y Combinator
Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook
Marc Andreessen – Andreessen Horowitz
Dustin Moskovitz – Facebook
Tim Ferriss – 4 Hour Work Week
Emmett Shear – Twitch

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